Gun Injury Protection

“It does not matter whether we believe that guns kill people or that people kill people with guns--the result is the same: a public health crisis.”
Annals of Internal Medicine 2015.

“I propose we treat guns like automobiles – license the operator, register the gun and provide proof of insurance.”
Richard Lyons Weil


America is the only country in the world suffering from an epidemic of gun deaths and gun violence injuries. All other countries have enacted laws and regulations to prevent gun violence. As a result of our failure to properly regulate guns and gun operators, America is in an unprecedented man made healthcare crisis with staggering costs to American taxpayers.

In 2014, over 30,000 Americans were killed and over 100,000 injured from gun violence, with an estimated cost to American taxpayers of $229 Billion dollars. These statistics reflect causalities of over 8000 of our country’s children.

“Every four hours a child is killed by a gun in the United States,” reported Kate Murphy and Jordan Rubio. For every single U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan during 11 years of war, at least 13 children were shot and killed in America. Every day, seven children are killed by guns.

“Domestic gun deaths since 1968 are greater than all of our war causalities ever.” It might surprise you to know that more people have been killed in America with guns since 1968 than in our entire history of war.

Since 1968 guns have killed 1,384,171 Americans, and 1,171,177 Americans have been killed during all wars fought since the birth of our nation.

These tragic losses are largely preventable by re-educating America regarding the truths of gun ownership. The pervasive view in America is that a gun in the home is like a seat belt in the car. They both protect you. Nothing could be further from the truth. The seatbelt protects you; the gun kills you. You see the illusionary protection backfires onto the gun owner and his/her family and friends.

For example, imagine your 5-year old boy fatally shooting his innocent baby sister with a gun “gift?” Or, what if you mistakenly shot your own wife in your efforts to defend your home against an assumed dangerous intruder. Or, you accidentally knock on the wrong door for your neighbor’s party and you yourself are met with a bullet leaving you paralyzed for life. Or a deranged person goes into a community college in Oregon, or Sandy Hook, or Columbine...

We are not protecting our loved ones; we are jeopardizing the safety of our families. You see 70% of gun usage is for unintended purpose: homicide and suicide.

Along with educating the public about the facts and realities of gun ownership, I will enact responsible gun injury prevention measures.

Specifically, I propose the following solutions:

1) Limiting the types of fire arms available to the public.
2) Passing appropriate legislation licensing gun operators.
3) Amending product liability laws so that they apply to guns.
4) Insuring that all firearms are safely manufactured.
5) Implementing a gun registration system that parallels automobile registration— another dangerous instrumentality
6) Requiring gun owners to purchase liability insurance just like automobile owners.

With these safety regulations and guidelines for gun operators, Americans can rest easy knowing that their families will be safe from gun violence.